The stillness of a lake, the bright violent birth of stars—this is the sound of paper/upper/cuts, transmitting rhythmic patterns of eternal energy through music. David “Papi” Fimbres warms his experimental offerings with Latin American & West African rhythms, utilizing both organic & electronic sounds, at once ancient & futuristic. Like a playful sonic shaman, the multi-instrumentalist drummer creates a rhythmically transportive psychedelic experience, punctuated with strategic vocalizations—from soothing songs to primal, percussive cries.

This is a man who describes having out-of-body experiences while playing drums live. No one who has been to a paper/upper/cuts show would be surprised. Fimbres—known for his wild, engaging performances—palpably opens a portal through which he leads the listener like a trans-dimensional Pied Piper, complete with mesmerizing flute songs.

Born in 1980, Fimbres grew up in Pico Union, Los Angeles, California, & Juaréz, Mexico—one of the most violent cities in the world. He was drawn to music as a source of inner travel & personal transformation at an early age—at five years old urging his mother to find him piano lessons (which she did, at a local recreation center). Exposed to a diverse array of sounds growing up—from traditional Latin Cumbia to the Talking Heads—Fimbres draws on an abundance of influences, creating a music all his own. A proud embodiment of the pioneering & free North West spirit, Fimbres lives in Portland, Oregon, and regularly plays out, both as paper/upper/cuts & with any number of his multi-genre projects. He credits his Latino culture with inspiring, not only his music, but his way of life. “We have this form of energy together,” Fimbres tells Portland’s Mercury. “We’re all just feeding off it. We’re all doing this at the same time—you are paper/upper/cuts.”